Novotel Danang Premier Han River - Family & Business trip hotel - "Autumn Palette" Mooncake Collection 2023 Novotel Danang

"Autumn Palette" Mooncake Collection 2023 Novotel Danang

“Autumn Palette” Mooncake Collection 2023 Novotel Danang

When autumn is about to come, all turn into their most romantic and photogenic painting. Autumn immediately brings up very peculiar images and shades. Brown, oranges sunset, warm yellow or green naturally appear in fall and gives a pure and soft feeling. These gorgeous colours are the perfect inspiration for Novotel Danang to create this 2023 Mooncake collection named AUTUMN PALETTE.

Whether you are choosing presents for family, friends or business partners this mid-autumn festival, this collection is an ideal gift to express your love and gratitude.

The mooncake collection was officially displayed at Novotel Danang lobby. Let’s come and indulge in the delicious taste of the season and share the joy with your loved ones, friends, and business partner this Mid-Autumn Festival.

Mooncake collection 2023 corner at Novotel Danang Premier Han River

Mooncake box and flavors selection at Novotel Danang 

“Autumn Palette” Mooncake collection offers 03 different choices of the box: 4 pieces, 2 pieces, and 1 piece.

Prices are included VAT tax and service charge

Mooncake’s flavor selections

Mooncake Collection e.brochure

Special offers for Box of 4 pieces

  • Pre-order: Discount 15% for pre-order and payment by 31 August 2023.
  • Discount 10% for Accor Plus members, and in-house guests.
  • Discount 10% for company with order from 20 boxes 
  • Complimentary delivery for minimum purchase of 2 boxes within 3 km from the hotel.



Enjoy 15% off when making your pre-order Novotel Danang Premier Han River Mooncake Collection 2023 by 31.08.2023
  • e.g: Hộp 4 bánh - 2 hộp | 4 piece box - 2 boxes

Delivery policy

  • The Mooncake collection is available for delivery from 15 to 29 September 2023.

Contact information

If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Hoài – F&B Executive via hotline at 0913 602 009 or email

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